What is Kernel?

Kernel is a Scheme-like programming language by John N. Shutt in which all objects are first-class.

What is klisp?

klisp is an implementation of the Kernel Programming Language

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  1. ($define! $and?
  2. ($vau x e
  3. ($cond ((null? x) #t)
  4. ((null? (cdr x)) (eval (car x) e))
  5. ((eval (car x) e) (apply (wrap $and?) (cdr x) e))
  6. (#t #f))))

This is not the classical Hello World example, here we are defining the and operator. Try that in your programming language ;)

Download & Build

hg clone https://bitbucket.org/AndresNavarro/klisp 
cd klisp/src
make posix

klisp 0.3  Copyright (C) 2011-2012 Andres Navarro, Oto Havle
klisp> (+ 41 1)

Read the Documentation

klisp documentation is available in html format here: klisp documentation.

Read the Code

klisp source code is available under the MIT License. You can get it through bitbucket here: klisp Mercurial repository.


Participate in the klisp discussion group: klisp Google Group.


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